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What kind of damage do wild animals cause in an attic?

One of the horror stories that far too many homeowners have to tell is when a wild animal or group of wild animals was able to get into their attic area. It doesn’t really matter what kind of animal has gained access, you can be sure that they are going to make a real mess inside your house.

If you have not encountered this kind of happenstance then you are quite blessed. Wild animals can do a real number in the attic of your home, which may make you wonder what kind of damage can they cause in your attic?

The first thing to understand is that if they do nothing else the area where you are going to see the greatest amount of damage caused is in their waste. These animals will release their feces and urine just about any place they want, and this can make an enormous mess in your home. Because of the fact that many wild animals have parasites and bacteria that are inside their waste you basically have to get rid of anything that they have relieved themselves on. This may mean that your insulation, books, old newspaper clippings, and blankets may all need to be thrown away as a result of their bodily functions.

Another area where they will frequently make a mess is by chewing up the materials that you store in your attic. If you keep mementos, such as books, close, blankets, and other items, is make an ideal group of nesting materials for the wild animal to use. They will tear those things up and turn them into an area where they can lay down and rest.

If that is not enough, you also have to worry about the possibility of them having babies and nursing those new critters inside your attic area. This not only means that you have one wild animal that is making a mess, but you could potentially have nine or 10 of them. In the case of rats or mice, you may wind up with hundreds of them. These kinds of animals love to colonize, which means that if you are seeing one or two, there could potentially be dozens if not hundreds more. The mess that group can make is beyond words.

While those issues are something that you may be able to deal with quite easily, the one area where people get most concerned about the damage that wild animals can cause is in what they directly do to the house itself. You can easily replace your insulation, even if it is a bit costly, but many wild animals like to chew on wood and other materials that are in your attic. This may mean that they will chew on electrical wiring or on the ceiling frame area, meaning they can cause significant damage to your home. Maybe even create a serious fire hazard.

It is for reasons like this that it is quite important to ensure that you regularly check your attic to ensure that wild animals have not made your home into their own. Read more: Florida Wildlife Control

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