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Mole Info: Moles live underground and surface only occasionally. Their cylindrical bodies and powerful front claws are ideal for digging. They almost "swim" through dirt. Moles create a complex labyrinth of interconnected chambers by burrowing both deep and close to the surface, where they often leave visible ridges. Mole hills are places where the mole has pushed up earth above the surface. They have very poor sight and feed mainly on worms and insect larvae that they find by the sense of touch and smell. They do not eat roots or tulip bulbs. That is the work of voles. Moles are usually territorial, so all of those tunnels and mounds in your yard might be the work of a single animal.

Nuisance concerns: The primary problem with moles is the tunnels. These little animals can leave ridged tunnels all over a lawn. They are not necessarily harmful, but can ruin your nice landscaping, so some people don't like the presence of moles. If you see a very large burrow in your lawn, or any type of surface digging for that matter, it probably means armadillo activity here in Florida.

Note: I no longer deal with mole problems in Orlando FL. I used to do a lot of mole trapping years ago, but I've found that I don't care for this type of work. It's not as much fun as dealing with other nuisance animals, and is often simply frustrating. I'm not a true mole removal expert. I used to refer out another company in the area, until I learned that all he ever does for mole control is to spray castor oil on the yard! That won't solve a thing. You can find various mole poisons online, but they don't work. The best attempt at any such product thus far is called Talpirid, but I've had a poor experience with it. I think that mole trapping is the only way to go - whether spear traps or underground clamp traps are used, I think this is the only way to get rid of moles. I am not accomplished at this work, and usually turn down any requests for it. Sorry!

I don't deal with many mole problems, but I do specialize in work like raccoons in the attic or how to get rid of raccoons and Florida bat control or dead animal in attic and things like that.

For dog or cat issues visit Orange County Animal Control Services or Seminole County Animal Control Services.

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