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Florida Snake Photo Gallery

Click any image below for a large high-res photo. All snakes were caught in central Florida, within a 20 mile radius of downtown Orlando, FL. These represent just a few of the approximately 30 snake species in central Florida.

1. Eastern Garter Snake 2. Yellow Rat Snake 3. Water Moccasin 4. Glass Lizard 5. Boa Constrictor 6. Corn Snake (Red Rat Snake) 7. Coachwhip 8. Black Racer 9. Black Racer 10. Banded Water Snake 11. Banded Water Snake 12. Cottonmouth This central Florida Snake photo gallery contains pictures of snakes caught in the Orlando FL region. The most common snakes in central Florida are the Black Racer, the Corn Snake, the Yellow Rat Snake, the Garter Snake, the Milk Snake, the Florida Ringneck Snake, and the Banded Water Snake. All of these snakes seem to thrive well in heavily populated urban and suburban areas. Venomous, or poisonous snakes, as many people refer to them, are rare in the Orlando area. The most common is probably the Water Moccasin, or Cottonmouth, which is an aquatic snake. The second most common is probably the Pigmy Rattlesnake, or perhaps the Eastern Coral Snake. The Coral Snake is rarely seen, because it spends most of its time under heavy debris. The Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake is rare, because it needs open territory, and most are killed off in heavily populated areas. The most common snake in central Florida is the Black Racer. It is a thin black snake with a white or gray belly, and it is very fast. It seems to thrive very well in urban areas. Many people ask me about snakes in attics, but this phenomenon is very rare. I've only seen a few snakes in attics, and all were Yellow Rat snakes, like in the snake picture above. Occasionally snakes do get inside homes or buildings. Most commonly, it's the small snakes that do so, because they can creep through very tiny openings. The Florida Ringneck is such a snake. I've seen Black Racers, Corn Snakes, Rat Snakes, and various baby snakes inside homes. I've never seen a venomous snake inside a home. Sometimes snakes will fall into your swimming pool, and are unable to escape. My name is David Graham Seerveld, or Dave Seerveld as some people call me, and I currently operate a wildlife removal company in Orlando Florida. I do enjoy catching snakes, but I spend most of my time on other wild animals. If you need a professional snake control company to remove a snake from your home or property in the Orlando area, give me a call. If you simply need a snake identified, there are plenty of sites online that offer ample snake pictures and photos for your comparison. Remember, dangerous snakes are rare, and all snakes will leave you alone if you leave them alone.

We also sell a special trap designed just for snakes. It is very effective, and placed outside works 24-7-365 to trap snakes alive, and it is re-usable. Use this trap if you want to remove unwanted snakes from your property, or if you want to catch snakes for collection or observation. It works both inside the home or garage or outside and has a proven track record of hundreds of snake captures.

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