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Orlando Florida Squirrel Control & Removal

Squirrel Info: The Eastern Gray Squirrel is a common nuisance animal. Squirrels are members of the rodent family, and they need to chew to wear down their ever growing teeth. The are very active year-round, and a mother squirrel bears young twice a year, usually in February and August, and nurse the 3-5 young for three months. Squirrels are arboreal, which means that they live in trees, but they also seem to love attics. They are primarily active in the morning and evening (crepuscular). They eat all kinds of foods, but prefer nuts and seeds. They especially prefer the seeds in your birdfeeder, and their amazing acrobatic moves allow them to reach almost anywhere they want to go. Many people think squirrels are cute, but they change their minds when they hear scurrying and scratching in the attic, and find their woodwork chewed upon. Squirrels are usually about one pound in weight, though squirrels in Florida can be a bit smaller with less dense fur.

Nuisance concerns: The most common complaint that I deal with regarding squirrels is that they have invaded an attic or soffit. They will often chew a hole in a building to gain access. Mother squirrels bear young twice a year, and they love to use an attic as a nest. Sometimes a baby squirrel falls down a wall. The young learn to live in the attic, and often choose to stay. Once in the attic, they chew, causing damage to wood, and worse, they chew on power lines, which can short out electrical appliances, or worse, create a fire hazard. They also bring nesting material and biohazardous waste into an attic. I also often have to remove dead squirrels in a wall or attic from time to time.

Click here for photos of barriers over attic vents used by squirrels.

Click here for photos of barriers over squirrel-chewed entry holes.

Click here for a photo of a flawed chimney cap - and the fix.


24/7 Wildlife Removal operates in the Greater Orlando area of central Florida. This is a specialty wildlife removal business. Wild animal control is all I do - I do not spray poison for insect control. I provide squirrel trapping and removal for squirrel control. I do not run an exterminating business or a pest control business, I run a nuisance wildlife business. I do not provide extermination of squirrels, but humane trapping and relocation. If you want to get rid of your squirrel problem once and for all, give me a call!

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