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Florida Bat Control & Removal of Bats in Buildings & Tile Roof

About Florida Bats: Florida hosts eighteen different species of bats. However, you are not likely to spot many of these, as several are endangered, and all of them are very fast and nocturnal. Bats often get a bad reputation due to ignorance and fear. First of all, there are no vampire bats in Florida. Second, bats are not rodents or "flying mice" as many people refer to them as. They are actually more closely related to primates. Third, bats are not blind, and they will not fly in your hair. They are not aggressive. They have good vision, and supplement it with echolocation in order to catch insects in the air. Their flight is excellent, and they have great control in the air. Their wings are made up of what are essentially arms and very long fingers with membrane stretched between. Bats use their hind feet to hang upside down. Some bats roost in trees and vegetation, but some bats like to form large groups and live inside buildings. Is is these species of bats that usually cause a problem for people and for which we need bat control.

Bat Nuisance Concerns: The bats that roost inside buildings, often in large numbers, can cause a number of problems. Some are merely psychological: some people are uncomfortable living with many of these creatures of the night. Even though bats are gentle animals, they do unfortunately carry diseases, and like all animals, produce waste. Many buildings are befouled with the very strong odor of bat droppings (guano) and urine. Worse than the odor, these droppings are a biohazard to the building they are in. Fungus often grows on the droppings the spores of which can cause lung diseases in people. The name of the lung disease contracted by humans is called histoplasmosis. Bats can also carry a number of parasites, and of course are one of the animals known to carry and transmit rabies. Please do not touch any bat that you should find, and if you are bitten, please submit the bat for rabies testing..

How to Know a Bat Problem: Almost all of the bat calls I get regard a colony of bats that has taken up residence inside a home or building. In almost every occasion, it is a colony of Brazilian Free-Tailed bats. They like to live in large colonies, and buildings often provide the kind of shelter and high temperature that they prefer. Bats may look large when they fly, but they can squeeze into, and prefer to squeeze into, very small gaps, usually of less than an inch, and as little as 3/8 inch. Oftentimes the colony is composed of mostly females (a maternity colony), and they have their young in the attic of the building. The entire colony returns every year to the same area (space provided), and grows larger and larger. Over time, they begin to leave a tremendous amount of waste behind, and once the young can begin to explore on their own, they often crawl around down the walls of the building and sometimes find their way into the living area.

24/7 Wildlife Removal provides expert bat control for the state of Florida. Call 407-729-6946 for an estimate.

Why Hire Us? Bat control work should not be attempted by amateurs. It takes an expert with a lot of experience to do the job correctly. I have performed over 100 safe bat exclusions thus far, with a 100% success rate. I always offer a 3-year guarantee on my work. I never harm or killy any of the bats. My bat elimination system (it is not bat extermination) ensures that all of the bats are safely excluded (removed) from the building, and that they will never return. I also offer full cleanup and decontamination after they are gone. I have worked on many extremely challenging cases in many different states. I have observed many ignorant pest control companies attempt to do bat work, and they often resort to illegal, inhumane, and ineffective methods to try to solve the problem, such as the use of "bat poison", or simply sealing them in a building to die, rot, and stink without safely getting them out first. Please do not hire an inexperienced company, for the bat's sake. They are very valuable animals. They only give birth to one young a year, they live up to 20 years, and they eat thousands of insects a night. They are not lowly creatures, and should be treated with respect.

If a bat should happen to find its way into your house and is flying around or gets lost, I can come and safely find and remove it for you, at any hour.

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We do service the entire state of Florida, from Naples to Miami, West Palm Beach and Jacksonville, Orlando and more, but if you need Tampa Bat Control you can click the link.

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