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Dead Animal Removal Services

Death is a part of the natural cycle. Unfortunately for the homeowner, it can happen on private property, or even inside the house itself. Animals can die in the yard, on the driveway, on the roof, behind the shed, etc. or worse, under a deck, under a crawl space, or worse yet, inside an attic or the walls of the house. If an animal is found dead outside, it should be examined for signs of sickness and properly removed and disposed of. If left unremoved, the decay process will begin, complete with an infestation of maggots, and the stench will be unpleasant (not to mention the attraction of vermin and disease). If an animal is within a structure, the problem is worse, because the stench will gather within the home. I deal with several cases each month in which homeowners have abandoned their homes (or certain rooms of their homes) due to the odor. It takes an experienced professional to find and remove the carcass. A dead animal in an attic can be very difficult to locate, especially if it's a rat that has died underneath insulation. An animal in a wall is very challenging. I have to sniff like a bloodhound, then drill small "sniff holes" in the walls between studs to narrow down the spot, and cut a hole to remove the carcass. It's not a pleasant job. While sniffing in attics, I can't wear my respirator (I need my full sense of smell), and expose myself to the hazards of excessive dust and fiberglass inhalation. Crawling under a home can be dangerous and unpleasant. I've crawled out from under a dark, confined, dirty crawlspace with a dead animal, only to find myself covered with hundreds of fleas. Nevertheless, dead animal removal is a necessary service, and few jobs leave customers more grateful.

Opossums are common animals found dead outside.

Luckily, this raccoon died in an easy to reach place.

This opossum died under a home, causing a strong stench within.

Can one giant rat in the ceiling really smell bad? Just ask the employees who refused to work there.

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An impossible to find dead opossum under a house.

Very hard to find dead rats - holes cut in walls.

Very hard to find dead raccoon in the AC unit.

Typical dead rat removal from the attic.

I cut a hole in the wall to remove this dead opossum with babies.

This dead rat was found inside the kitchen stove wire housing.

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