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Orlando Florida Opossum Removal & Control

Opossum Info: Opossums are common in central Florida. They are unique for several reasons. They are the only North American marsupials. This means that females have a pouch on the belly where the young, up to 13, are carried and nourished for a time after their birth. Opossums also have a prehensile tail, from which they occasionally hang. They are also known for "playing possum", or feigning death, as a defense tactic. Adult opossums are typically about two feet long and about ten pounds. They are omnivorous, and will eat almost anything, including carrion and garbage. Opossums are excellent climbers, and have a very strong immune system. They are nocturnal, and if you keep an eye out at night, you might spot one crossing the road.

Nuisance concerns: The opossum complaints I receive are usually due to one of five reasons:

1) They have taken up residence under a porch or shed.
2) They are stealing garbage, pet food, or harassing pets.
3) They have taken up residence in an attic and had possum babies.
4) They have invaded a home, under the floorboards, or in the walls.
5) An opossum has died under the home or in an attic, causing odor.

I frequently deal with opossums in attics, a fact which surprises many people. Opossums in attics can leave quite a mess with their large droppings. Opossums can also carry various parasites and diseases. They are not the cleanest of animals, and carry a strong odor. The worst odor, however, occurs when an opossum dies in an attic or when an opossum dies inside a wall of your home. You definitely want to have it removed, because the odor is unbearable.

24/7 Wildlife Removal operates in the Greater Orlando area of central Florida. This is a specialty wildlife removal business. Wild animal control is all I do - I do not spray poison for insect control. I provide opossum trapping and removal for possum control. I do not run an exterminating business or a pest control business, I run a nuisance wildlife business. I do not provide extermination of opossums, but humane trapping and relocation. If you want to get rid of your opossum problem once and for all, give me a call!

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