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What is a foothold trap?

A foothold trap is often used by people who were trying to capture animals that can be quite dangerous. These are frequently used for trapping such things as bears or wolves, because of the successful manner in which it is able to hold the leg or foot of the animal, without causing serious damage to it.

In fact, these are the kinds of traps that are used by those who are looking to capture animals without causing them any kind of serious injury. Usually these animals wind up in places like zoos or wildlife refuges, and are employed because one of these wild beasts has shown in a location where it is a risk to human beings that lived there.

There are many instances where people have seen coyotes, wolves, bears, and even lions that have mysteriously shown up in a neighborhood, terrifying the people who live there. No one wants to see these animals hurt, and so what is required is a simple trap that you hold the animal for a period of time until wildlife managers are able to come on the scene, tranquilize the animal, and move it to another location. This is where the foothold trap comes into play.

The way that this trap works is fairly simple, and you may have even seen this before. It is attached to a chain which can either be secured into the soil or into some kind of rock or tree so that it cannot be pulled away.

On the other side of the chain is the trap itself. How it works is that the jaws of the device are open, much like opening the mouth of an animal. In the center of the trap is a trigger mechanism that when stepped on causes the jaws to close. They wrap tightly around the leg of the animal, so that it cannot get out. Because the other end of the chain is secured through a rock or tree, the animal is stuck there, and cannot get away.

While the animal may suffer some injury to its leg or foot, the damage that is caused is minimal at best. This has become a great trap for capturing a large variety of animals, even human beings sometimes.

Unfortunately, there are many instances where a person accidentally stepped in one of these traps and found the jaws closing on their own foot or leg. While it rarely caused any kind of permanent damage to the person, there is no doubt that it sure hurt like heck.

To release the trap there is a mechanism to decide that is released so that the jaws are not locked anymore and will come open to release the animal’s or the human being’s foot. This is a very effective trap in helping to capture an animal. For those of you who may find that there is a dangerous creature around your property, don’t go out and buy this on your own. The truth is that you may be successful but then ask yourself what you will do with the animal afterwards? Read more: Florida Wildlife Control

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