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Do snakes dig holes?

If you know anything about snakes, you know that the vast majority of species of these reptiles live in burrows that are in ground. Living in these holes in the ground is the ideal home for a snake for many reasons.

First off, it makes it easy for them to. There is no problem being able to get into a hole in the ground. it smiley slithers into its burrow and makes and settles in for the day or evening, depending upon whether it is the nocturnal kind of snake or not. Another great reason for snakes to live in holes is that it makes it ideal for them to be able spring out and catch the prey they wish to eat. They simply slither into their hole and wait for something to come by. When it does they jump out and sink their fangs into it. Most animals would have no idea that the snake is there and so it makes it really easy to pounce on the prey.

There is also the very likely chance that some small little animal like a mouse, rat, squirrel or other animal about this size will see the hole and think that it would make a great home for them. The animal basically brings itself to the snake like a room service meal. This makes it an easy “trap” of sorts to catch its meal.

While the hole makes the perfect residence for a snake, surprisingly not many are actually able to build their own burrows. The truth is that unless the earth is quite soft then the snake is not able to move the dirt out of the way virtually at all. This is especially true in areas where the ground is quite compact.

It is really only in places where the soil is soft, like in sand, where the snake is able to dig. Its nose is simply not made for digging in the soil, and without hands it can only do so much to try to get rid of the dirt. Digging into the soil that is hard is simply not a feasible option for this animal. This begs an interesting question. If the snake really cannot dig holes, yet it finds holes to be the optimal place to live, how does it make this happen? That is a really good question.

Learn about the differences between a Venomous snake and a poisonous snake - and hwo it is that snakes produce venom. Snakes are not only predators for food, but for shelter as well. If they like the home another animal has made, they will simply take it. If they are able to defeat an animal, like a gopher let’s day, and make it a meal, it has no problem turning that gophers home into its own. It is the bully of the land like that. Read more: Snake Control, Venomous Snakes of Florida, How to Identify Snakes, How to Kill Snakes.

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