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How to Remove Skunk Smell from Clothes or Car

In a bucket, mix together 32 fluid oz. of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) and 2 oz. of baking soda. Add to that about 1 tsp. of dishwashing liquid and mix it well. Wear rubber gloves, and scrub the clothes in the bucket, the old-fashioned way, like your great-grandmother used to wash your grandfather's dirty trousers! However, this solution might bleach the clothes a little bit, so beware. You may just want to use regular detergent for several cycles, if you want to protect the color of the clothing.

How to remove skunk odor from a car - For a car, just shampoo this mixture into the car seats. You can use a stiff-bristled brush to really scrub away. But remember, this can possibly bleach the fabric a bit, so your other option is to just use color safe laundry detergent. Truth be told, your car is probably going to retain a bit of skunk smell for a while. You can also use an ozone machine to help eliminate the odor.

The first and most obvious rule for getting rid of skunk smell is not to get sprayed by the critter in the first place. A skunk will not come upon another living being and decide to spray it just because it can. It is a defense mode when it feels threatened. If you come across a skunk, just walk away in the opposite direction. Don’t wait to see what the skunk will do. You may be lucky and the skunk leaves first. If the skunk happens to have babies, the outcome will most likely be quite different and you will need the advice of how to get rid of skunk smell. Dogs and cats are frequently the target because of their inquisitiveness. Either way, human or animal, the acrid smell is overwhelming.

If You Were The Spray Target
One could wonder sometimes where skunks learned to aim so accurately. It seems when they make up their mind to spray someone they will hit their target unless the target runs.

Even if you have never smelled the spray of a live skunk, most of us have driven along the road and gotten that odor into the car from a skunk that was killed. To be hit directly by that spray not only takes your breath away, it also burns on your skin. It has been claimed that permanent blindness from skunk spray is very rare indeed; it can result in temporary blindness if some of the spray got into your eyes. If you are the victim of this mishap, try to protect your eyes as best you can. Even if no blindness, temporary or otherwise results, the burning sensation on the skin would probably feel much worse in the eyes. So, if you are hit by skunk spray, hurry to get it rinsed off right away.

What Do I Use To Wash The Smell From My Body?
You are in luck because people before you have been in your shoes and developed a fine mixture with which to rid yourself of that offensive smell. In a bucket, mix together 32 fluid oz. of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) and 2 oz. of baking soda. Add to that about 1 tsp. of dishwashing liquid and mix it well. Wash yourself sponge bath fashion, making sure to protect your eyes. You can wash your hair in this as well.

When you are finished, shower and wash it all off. You may have to repeat this if one time didn’t cleanse you of the odor completely. If there is any of the mixture left, dilute it with water, then discard it in the drain with water running all the while. Let plenty of water run after it has gone down the drain.

If The Target Was Your Dog
The same solution for humans also applies for dogs. It may be a bit more difficult to scrub your furry dog down with this solution because the dog may not want to stand still long enough.

Protect your dog’s eyes from the solution by sudden head movements. Place a drop of baby oil in each eye to coat them. Then wash the dog, part by part rather than dumping the mixture onto his fur. Rub the mixture into each part so that it saturates his entire coat. When you are finished with him, wait for several minutes before rinsing it off with plain water. Depending how badly your dog was sprayed, you may have to repeat the entire process once or twice more. Make sure you dispose of the Hydrogen Peroxide solution right away, with lots and lots of water to avoid a reaction.

In An Emergency
If no Hydrogen Peroxide is available within a short time, try using toothpaste all over your dog. Smear it all over his fur, the thicker the better and let it dry. After it is dry, wash it off. If there is residual odor, it will be tolerable until you can get to a drugstore for the Hydrogen Peroxide.

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