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Do bats avoid light?

Bats are hideous little creatures that scare the vast majority of people. With their beady little eyes, sharp fangs, and ability to fly they terrorize the vast majority of people. Add to it the many myths about such things as vampires and their ability to turn into bats, and it is easy to see why so many shun these animals whenever they even care about them being in the area.

Bats are nocturnal creatures. This means that they sleep during the daytime and hunt at night. There is a good reason for them to do so. Bats are quite blind to be honest, which is where the slogan “blind as a bat” comes from. This is not related to a baseball bat, but is instead a reference to the fact that these animals cannot see well at all.

During the nighttime, it is there incredible sense of hearing and smell that enables them to be able to track whatever potential food source there is out there for them. They can hear significantly better than most other animals, and their sense of smell enables them to find food up to 50 miles away from where they are located. Add to it the Echo like system that works very much like a radar to the bat, and is easy to see how they get around.

It is that desire of the bat to come out at night that is only added to the terror that many feel for this animal. To see a bat come swooping out of the darkness towards you in your home is terrifying too many people, and is only made these creatures even scarier in the eyes of the vast majority of people.

You should understand though there really is a simple reason why bats come out at night. Because they cannot see very well they would be in great danger if they were out in the daytime. Many other kinds of animals would be able to see them and what have a good shot at capturing and killing the animal. This is why they stay out of the daylight. This may make you wonder do bats simply avoid light?

The simple answer to that is yes. Being in light is dangerous to them. In fact, one of the best defenses that you can use for your home is to have bright lights that shine in your yard. The bat sees that as a dangerous area for it to come into because of the fact that they are exposed to other animals which causes them to be at risk. They will do what they can to avoid light.

That does not mean they will never go in the light. Many people have a small 60 W or 75 W bulb that shines outside their home and that is not a big issue to a bat at all. It must be a very bright light to keep these animals away, such as a floodlight or other high-powered light that illuminates with a lot of wattage. Read more: Bat Control

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