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Rats in the Ceiling - Get Them Out

A rat in a ceiling, chewing on wires.
Here's a rat running through the ceiling.

Rats commonly live in the ceiling. You may hear them scurrying around at night, running from one part of the ceiling to the other. They love to live inside buildings. Most people hear them at night, when they are active, scuttling about inside the ceiling or in the walls. If you hear rats high up in the ceiling, it is probably the Roof Rat (Black Rat) as opposed to the Norway Rat (Brown Rat). In fact, depending on the architecture of your house, the rats are probably in the attic, which of course is the open space above your ceiling. However, they can fit in very small areas, and I've dealt with many cases of rats running in between floors. I've had to cut many dead rats out of ceilings between the first and second floor. In addition, I often do rat control in office buildings, doctor's offices, etc in the drop ceiling. I pop open the tiles and that's where I catch the rats.

Coming out of the ceiling with a rat.
A rat trapped in a drop-ceiling.

As shown in the top two photos, there's more to it than just the troubling noise at night. Rats can chew on electrical wires, which can lead to shorts or even electrical fires in attics. Then there's the matter of the droppings and the disease that they spread. Best to have the problem taken care of before it gets worse.

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