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Professional Wildlife Removal: We operate in Lake Mary, FL and specialize in nuisance wildlife control. If you need mouse or rat control in Lake Mary, we offer a complete solution with full guarantee on our work. We commonly deal with problems such as raccoons in attics, squirrels in the ceiling, rats in the walls, snake removal and control, bat control, and more. We are the best Lake Mary extermination company available when it comes to wild animals.

All of our wildlife trapping is performed in a humane manner. We never intend to harm any wildlife only to safely and permanently remove it from your home or business. Once animals are caught, we quickly arrive in Lake Mary to remove the animal, and relocate it approximately 30 miles outside of the Greater Orlando area. We service most of Orlando and central Florida, but do most of our business in Lake Mary and surrounding towns.

We take pride in operating as a small, owner-operated company within Lake Mary, and we stand by our work. If you need animal trapping services in Lake Mary or any part of Orange County, FL or Seminole County, give us a call, and we will be happy to assist you. We specialize in both residential and commercial services, and accept all major credit cards. There is no free wild animal removal service in Lake Mary, but we will provide a professional service at a fair price.


Most Recent Lake Mary Animal Control News Clip:

Squirrel wildlife trapping changes expected now that control has shifted

Lake Mary - Fish and Wildlife commissioner Wayne The critter professional has been pushing a Comprehensive Squirrel Management plan for several months. The plan would likely establish Skin restrictions in at least three Wildlife Management Units around the state but could involve wholesale changes to Squirrel wildlife trapping regulations. The critter professional declared Thursday that one change he would not advocate would be to allow for dangerous wildlife trapping to take place during the November rifle season. Everything else, he declared, could be up for discussion. This doesn't mean the Squirrels are causing trouble, just that they need to be contained. When asked for an opinion, bat removal and bird control groups in Lake Mary, mostly concurred.

As soon as we know for sure we've got the authority, we'll start considering all the concerns about Squirrel wildlife trapping and Squirrel management in the state, The critter professional declared. We should look at the whole picture. Changes could be in place for the 2006 wildlife-trapping seasons, but that might be a push. In order to have changes reflected in the law book wed have to have changes made by late February, The critter professional declared. Local animal control trappers we surveyed felt that this was true.

It is possible to have them for next year. We will try to do something. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Board will hold its April organized hearing Wednesday at 7 p.m. at the Florida Public Television studio at Lake Mary. The organized hearing will be broadcast statewide from 7 to 9 p.m. on VPT. It is expected to be one of the most important organized hearings of the year, be cause the board will receive reports from the Fish and Wildlife Agency and vote on the 2004 dangerous Squirrel season proposal and the 2004 rodent animal control license recommendation. At times during the broadcast, VPT will feature a panel of experts commenting on the concerns being considered. The local Lake Mary wildlife committee could not be reached for comment. For professional Lake Mary animal control, call a local wildlife removal expert.

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