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Range of the Brown Widow Spider

Unlike the Black Widow, which lives across the entire United States, the Brown Widow is a southern species. The brown is far more common in the south than the black. I live in Orlando, and Brown Widows are all over the place! They live in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and eastern Texas, as well as the edges of some other states.

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Brown widow spider - Black widows, though the most well-known of all venomous spiders, are not the only arachnids in the widow family. The brown widow spider can be found in much of the southern United States as well as a few other countries. This spider is brown with a yellow or orange hourglass shape on the underside of its abdomen. It is thought to be as venomous as the black widow, but the black widow is capable of delivering a larger dose of venom to its victim. Brown widow venom tends to stay near the bite wound. Both widow spiders deliver neurotoxic venom, a substance that will affect the way neurons communicate within the body, eventually shutting down life-support functions like heartbeat and respiration. Identifying and locating brown widows can be done by finding their characteristic eggs sacks which look like small balls covered in spikes. The brown widow is rarely far from her eggs. The brown widow is often confused with the black widow because of the spider’s tendency to darken in color over time. The hourglass should still remain yellow or orange, but the shade of orange can easily be mistaken for a light red. Regardless, a dark spider with an hourglass should be avoided.

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