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What Kind of Bait Catches Armadillos

What kind of food or bait should you place in a live trap to catch armadillos? The answer may surprise you: NONE. There is absolutely no effective food bait that will lure in an armadillo. I have, in fact, found that the scent of another armadillo, from their feces, urine or skin - they have a very distinct scent - WILL lure in a new armadillo. But unless you have a supply of armadillo feces, you're out of luck.

But there's good news - armadillos are easy to trap without bait! It's all about the LOCATION of the trap. Just set the trap where an armadillo will walk, and it'll walk right in. No problem! It helps if you "funnel" the armadillo in, with fencing or boards. Or set the trap against a wall the armadillo travels along. Best yet, set the trap right over a shallow armadillo escape burrow. They have about 20 of these in their territory, and there's probably one on your property.

Here are some examples of bogus armadillo bait myths:
Rotting bananas.
Rotting cabbage.
Panty hose filled with earthworms.

1) Trap Type: Use a large steel cage trap, raccoon size, 12 x 10 x 30
2) Location: Set the trap directly over an active burrow, or directly on a nearby worn armadillo path.
3) Bait: None. No bait will attract armadillos. It's not needed anyway.
4) Other: Set trap along walls, and set barriers (like wood planks) to funnel the animal into the trap.

It's not easy for beginners, but I have more info with the details on my How to Trap Armadillos page. Read on. You might also want to learn some preventative tips here: How to Keep Away Armadillos instead of trying to actually trap them - although, trapping and removal remains by far the best method of dillo control.

What Type Of Food Goes In Armadillo Traps - Choosing the right kind of bait is often vital when it comes to catching wild animals, but this is not so important when trying to trap an armadillo, as the location is the most important thing when trapping an armadillo. However, when it comes to choosing the bait it is worth looking at the natural diet of an armadillo, which is generally made up of underground insects such as grubs and earthworms. This is the reason that many people believe that they will have the best level of success when they use earthworms for bait, and some people will hold these worms in a stocking to ensure they can’t wriggle out of the trap.  But this doesn't really work.  What CAN work is the scent of armadillo already in the trap. However, it is fair to say that not everyone will have easy access to these kinds of animal scents to use as bait. For other animals, clues for successful bait we can look at the habit of critters to root through garbage. Some people have reported success when using over-ripe fruit or meat that has spoiled as bait for possums or raccoons. The problem with using these foods as bait for an armadillo is that you are just as likely to catch other animals such as raccoons, dogs and cats that will be more attracted to this type of bait than a dillo, which only eats food that it digs out of the ground alive.
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