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Does Armadillo Repellent Work? NO!

There is absolutely no such thing as an effective armadillo repellent. Many companies will try to sell products, armadillo repellant amongst them, but take it from a true professional wildlife trapper - these products simply don't work.

Examples of bogus armadillo repellant include napthalene (moth ball) flakes, predature urine, such as fox urine or coyote urine, both in liquid and powder shake away form, and castor oil. Of these products, castor oil seems like a decent idea, because it could make the ground and the insects in it taste bad, but you'd have to use a ton of it, constantly. In years past, I have tried many different products, just to experiment. They all failed miserably.

Some companies will sell ultrasonic sound emitters as a cure-all for any kind of pest out there. These products are fraudulent. The FTC has even issued a warning about how these products are a fraud and have absolutely no basis for providing effective pest repellent qualities. No high-frequency unit will make armadillos leave. I have even been to homes in which people have gone so far as to dump a whole five pound box of mothballs down the armadillo hole, or pour a whole gallon of bleach down there, and the armadillos don't care in the slightest!

The only way to solve an armadillo problem is to physically trap and remove them from the property. Unfortunately, there is no simple solution, no magic spray that will keep 'em away. The good news is that they are easy to trap - if you have good knowledge of the animal - and once out of the area, you don't have to worry about the animal digging up your yard or digging a big hole next to your home any more. Your best bet to eliminate armadillos is not an armadillo deterrent product, it's to hire a professional wildlife trapper.

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Armadillo Deterrent - One of the things that many people will look for when they have an armadillo problem in their yard or garden is a product that will drive the armadillo away without having to make any issues to the garden. The problem with this is that deterrent products generally work by placing the scent of a predator in the area, but armadillos do not have any natural predators living in the United States. For this reason it is usually best to look for a realistic solution to an armadillo problem rather than spending money on a product that makes big claims but is simply ineffective. The type of solution that you will need to use to solve the problem will largely depend on the activity of the armadillo in the area, and whether they are simply visiting the yard or garden for food, or have made a burrow within the confines of the property. For armadillos that are coming to the area so that they can find food either by digging for worms and insect or by rummaging through garbage, an exclusion fence is often a permanent solution. For those that have made a burrow in the area, the best approach is to usually catch the animal in a trap and to remove it from the area.

Armadillo Repellent Moth Balls - There are many people who believe that moth balls are a genuine armadillo repellent, but unfortunately there are very few real repellents that will work without being quite dangerous. A number of companies also market a number of products as armadillo repellents that can be laid in the garden, but these are also undependable at the best of times, and rarely provide the desired results. However, this is not to mean that there arenít ways of keeping armadillos from your garden, and some of these are actually quicker and more effective than using products such as moth balls. One way to deal with the problem of armadillos is that of trapping and removing the animal, and the best way to do this is to use a cage trap located at the point where the armadillo is getting into the garden or yard. Another method to deal with the issue is to install an exclusion fence that will stop armadillos and other pest animals from getting into the garden at all. Some people may be able to live with them, as armadillos arenít necessarily a bad thing as they will often help to deal with insect infestations, and are generally nomadic so tend not to stay in the same area for too long.

Armadillo Noise Deterrent - There are a range of products that have been on the market for some time as armadillo repellents or deterrents, and some of these are devices that emit an ultrasonic noise that is said to be unbearable for armadillos. This type of device is often used as a deterrent for moles too, but in reality the effects of these deterrents are at best unproven, with many experts denouncing them as being wholly ineffective. One of the main reasons for this is that armadillos only have a very weak sense of hearing, and generally use their strong sense of smell. The noise deterrent falls into the same category as other armadillo repellent products as being ineffective, with a more practical solution really being the best way to deal with such an issue. Many people will find that hiring a professional wildlife removal expert to be the most efficient way to deal with an armadillo problem, but some people will want to catch the animal themselves. The vast majority of experts who have experience in catching armadillos will state that using a cage trap is the best solution, and by placing this in a good location catching the armadillo can be fairly straightforward.

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